Delivering Genomic Insights to Facilitate Personalized Care

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Our Service

Embracing genetic testing as a key diagnostic tool in clinical practice

We conduct thorough and comprehensive analyses and re-evaluation of genetic data, providing valuable insights into the root causes of medical conditions. By utilizing whole genome sequencing and whole exome sequencing, we diagnose rare genetic disorders and empower you to formulate treatment strategies tailored to each individual’s genetic makeup.

Comprehensive Insights

Fast and precise diagnostic reports

  • ≤20 working days from receipt of your patient samples
  • Stay ahead in a rapidly evolving space through periodic re-evaluation
  • Full access to genetic data is granted to every patient
How it works

Three easy steps

All-inclusive service: We take care of the logistics, sequencing, bioinformatics and clinical interpretation.

01 — Get in touch with us

Choose a test and order through our local partner. Please contact us if you are looking for a partner near you.

02 — Provide a specimen

As soon as you have collected a sample (e.g. buccal swab) our local partner will handle the logistics.

03 — Receive results

You receive the digital Arcensus Diagnostic Report from your local partner. Two re‑evaluations within 12 months are always included.

Our Network

Become a distributor

Working together, we can positively impact individual health by achieving early diagnosis and improving patient outcomes.

Whether you are a laboratory, a distributor or a health care company: our partner program is tailored to help you achieve your goals. We invite you to partner with us to accelerate genetic testing in clinical practice and advance personalized medicine.


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