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Variant categories detected in nuclear and mitochondrial genomes

Variant TypeDefinitionWESWGS
Single nucleotide variants (SNVs)A DNA sequence variant affecting 1 nucleotideAll protein-codingAll
Insertion / Deletion (Indels)Deletions, insertions, or duplications of DNA segments less than 500bpAll protein-codingAll
Copy number variants (CNVs)Deletions or duplications of DNA segments of at least 500bpLimitedAll
Structural variants (SVs)Insertions of DNA segments of at least 500bp, inversions and translocations (including translocations between nDNA and mtDNA)LimitedAll
Repeat expansionsIncrease in the number of repeated DNA sequence motifs within a geneNoMost
Chromosomal abnormalitiesMonosomy, trisomy, uniparental disomy, triploidyAllAll
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Re-evaluation: As scientific knowledge advances, new disease-causing variants are discovered. At Arcensus, we re-evaluate all myLifeExome and myLifeGenome data twice within 12 months after the initial analysis. By conducting repeated analysis, we enhance the likelihood of identifying clinically significant variants and the root cause of genetic diseases.

1st Analysis
TAT: 20 working days

2nd Analysis
within 6 months

3rd Analysis
within 12 months

Re-classification: When any reported variant is re-classified, all impacted patients receive an updated report.

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