Benefit from our Raw Data Interpretation Service to scale up your interpretation capabilities

Data2Report services involve the handling of complex data sets that are produced by next-generation sequencing technologies. Arcensus offers the necessary expertise in the interpretation of genetic data with computational resources specifically designed to process NGS data on a large scale.

We partner with accredited sequencing facilities and provide access to sophisticated bioinformatics and interpretation services to enable partners to seamlessly translate genetic data into diagnostic reports with actionable clinical insights.

We transform raw genetic data into comprehensive diagnostic reports

Whole Exome Sequencing Data

Whole Genome Sequencing Data

Our pipeline is designed to process data generated from Illumina platforms *
Image of a sample of an Arcensus Diagnostic report

* We continue to enhance our pipeline so we can source various data from different platforms. Please feel free to contact us if your data has different specifications.

Variant categories detected in nuclear and mitochondrial genomes

Variant TypeDefinitionWESWGS
Single nucleotide variants (SNVs)A DNA sequence variant affecting 1 nucleotideAll protein-codingAll
Insertion / Deletion (In-dels)Deletions, insertions, or duplications of DNA segments less than 500bpAll protein-codingAll
Copy number variants (CNVs)Deletions or duplications of DNA segments of at least 500bpLimitedAll
Structural variants (SVs)Insertions of DNA segments of at least 500bp, inversions and translocations (including translocations between nDNA and mtDNA)LimitedAll
Repeat expansionsIncrease in the number of repeated DNA sequence motifs within a geneNoMost
Chromosomal abnormalitiesMonosomy, trisomy, uniparental disomy, triploidyAllAll

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