Diagnostic Reports

Comprehensive Insights

Fast and precise diagnostic reports from Arcensus

Avoid unnecessary waiting time and benefit from our in-depth reports:

  • Fast: ≤20 working days from receipt of your patient samples
  • Easy to navigate: Summary of key findings for critical insights on 2 pages
  • Comprehensive: In-depth information to help diagnose, assess risks and tailor your treatment plan

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The Arcensus report includes the following insights:

Arcensus Report Highlights: Primary Findings

Primary findings

… describe genetic variants that are relevant to the indications for which sequencing was ordered.

Arcensus Report Highlights: Incidental Findings

Incidental findings

… describe variants detected in ACMG recommended genes that are unrelated to the patient’s reported phenotype and are medically actionable.

Carrier status

… indicates the potential for passing on genetic conditions to future generations, allowing for informed family planning decisions.

Arcensus Report Highlights: Pharmacogenetics

Pharmacogenomic associations

… indicate how a patients’ genetic profile influences the response to medications, facilitating personalized treatment plans. It is an exclusive feature in the myLifeGenome Report.