Webinar: “Mitochondrial Diseases: Diagnosis and Genetic Testing”


Mitochondrial disorders affect at least 1 in 5000 people globally and present a unique diagnostic challenge. The the spectrum of symptoms can often mimic other more common conditions, making an accurate clinical diagnosis difficult. A genetic diagnosis is crucial in unraveling the complexity of mitochondrial diseases.

We invite you to this webinar to enhance your understanding of the clinical presentations of mitochondrial diseases, emphasizing the need for heightened awareness to facilitate timely and accurate diagnosis. We will also highlight the pivotal role of genetic testing in improving diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes.

Join an interactive discussion that also features case studies to illustrate diverse clinical presentations and diagnostic successes in mitochondrial disease identification.

Guestspeaker: Dr. Muath Alqurashi

Dr. Muath Alqurashi is a distinguished Pediatric Neurologist, lending his expertise to the renowned Queen Rania Children’s Hospital. With a dedicated career spanning over a decade, he has a passion for unraveling the complexities of genetic conditions, specializing in the intricate care of children with neurological disorders.

Presentor: Dr. Allison Faber

Dr. Allison Faber is head of Product and Customer Service at Arcensus. She has a background in research and diagnostic genetics. She completed a PhD in Physiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin and postdoctoral research at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine.

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